Yoga Diving

Yoga: means a unification (yoke) of body, mind, spirit.

Diving: a submersion in the sea, underwater breathing.

The Fusion: a way to feel a state of no-mind, a letting go of the mind and self, an experience of an altered state of consciousness through body and mind awareness.

The Yoga Diving Course is completely unique and the first of its kind in the world. Led by two experts in their field, Barbara Gordon and Monica Farrell, the week will give you an introduction to yoga and diving with a yogic approach to the latter. It is suitable for everybody – divers and non-divers, experienced yoga practitioners and beginners in both fields.

The Yoga Diving Course – The Low Down

The Yoga Diving Course combines techniques of hatha yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation with scuba and apenea (breath-hold) diving in a beautiful, natural environment.

The focus of yoga diving is to bring about inner transformations through meditative experiences of the body/mind both on land and under the sea.

We combine yoga asanas and breathing with diving techniques. This approach brings us to incredible close encounters with nature and helps us feel stillness, relaxation and altered states of consciousness.

A yoga and meditation practice in the quiet of the Sinai desert and floating in the pristine blueness and living colors of the Red Sea is an experience which cannot be compared.

Combining yoga and diving allows us to experience another body-consciousness through the weightlessness achieved through diving.

Non divers will learn diving in an open, respectful and natural way and receive a relevant PADI certification. Certified divers can markedly better their buoyancy skills and ability to observe the life undersea as well as increase lung capacity and improve air consumption.

The course has also helped many to overcome their fear of water. All diving groups are small, so that Monica can spend as much time with each individual as required. Many of our customers have commented that they feel “incredibly looked after”.

For all, yoga diving removes stress and encourages a freedom from thought. Diving helps you to experience breath and movement underwater as a form of meditation. Taught together, diving and yoga can open you up to different worlds, both inner and outer.

The Course – What’s Included

One daily yoga class including asanas, pranayama and meditation techniques with one free day.

  • Dive theory and planning.
  • Shallow water skills practice and application of breathing, asana and meditation work under water.
  • Open water naturalist dives and observation/study of relationships in the sea.
  • There will be a minimum of 6 scuba dives (maximum 9 – it’s up to you), as well as one free diving lesson and practice.
  • Desert safari and meditation.

To receive more information about the Yoga Diving Course or if you would like to book this unique course please contact:

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