It’s creative, thoughtful and interactive. A wide variety of strokes are applied at varying pressures to nurture, soothe and access deeper muscle tension, whilst taking into account your whole being i.e. how you are feeling: emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Each treatment is tailor-made, based on your needs at the time. We establish this after we’ve had a brief chat about you and what you expect from the treatment.

We can call upon a wide range of skills and techniques including: Indian head massage, trigger point release, lymph drainage, deep tissue massage, joint mobilisations and energy work (qi gong, reiki) amongst others, which will leave you feeling blissful and rejuvenated.

This oil-based therapy, utilising essential oils, brings you into a deep state of relaxation with its gliding strokes. Regular holistic massage will help your body recover from the stresses of everyday life and give you the chance to reconnect with yourself whilst improving: muscular aches and pains, back-ache and tension, the immune system, irregular sleeping patterns, digestion, posture, breathing and circulation.


Michael Farai MTI’s approach to holistic massage places emphasis on his own posture and movement, using Tai Qi to create an energetic and fluid style that allows him to go with the flow of his clients. You can expect to be treated with sensitivity and respect at all times. A fully qualified therapist (Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork), Michael holds a diploma in Holistic Massage, Anatomy Physiology and Pathology. Reiki II, as well as a first aid certificate. He is also a member of the Massage Training Institute(London, England). Previous experience includes working with Neal’s Yard of Covent Garden, The Treatment Rooms (Bristol), The Big Chill Festival (Eastnor Castle) and The Electric Picnic (Dublin).

So!!! Whether you have been for a tiring dive or merely wish to unwind, pop in for a session – you know it makes sense. Remember(!) that it is not advisable to receive a treatment for up to twelve hours after you’ve been on a deep scuba dive.

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