Dahab Temperatures

Dahab temperatures are varying from 21 C in winter to 39 C in summer. Which means that even in winter you can dive, snorkel and swim

The water temperature is varying from 28 C in summer to 20 C in winter and there is hardly ever any rain, as the Sinai has a desert climate. The summer is hot and dry and you will hardly see any clouds, but the low humidity and the gentle Dahab breeze make the heat bearable. During the summer it is important to drink lots of water to avoid dehydration.

The winter months between December and March have a very comfortbale climate, but the temperature at night can drop quite a bit and it might be windy, so it is essential to bring some warmer clothes even if you might not need them during the day.

January20 C22 C13 C87 %
February21 C23 C14 C89 %
March22 C25 C16 C90 %
April23 C30 C20 C90 %
May24 C34 C24 C91 %
June25 C37 C26 C99 %
July26 C38 C27 C99 %
August27 C37 C28 C99 %
September27 C36 C26 C99 %
October26 C31 C23 C95 %
November24 C27 C19 C90 %
December23 C23 C15 C83 %

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