Bedouin Culture

Bedouin culture is still very much in evidence in Dahab. Here you walk side by side with the local Muzeina tribe

The men white robed, the women swathed in black and the children, multicoloured and mischievous, are always ready to strike up a good deal for a bracelet or two. Camels are in abundance and morning rush hour to the Blue Hole can be quite a spectacle. Dahab’s charm revolves around this blend of local and western cultures and has a way of making everyone feel at home.

The Bedouin culture is very different to the dominant Arab Muslim religion. Traditionally the Bedouin (whose name means ‘Owner of Herds’) identify themselves with the biblical Ishmael. As a minority, the Bedouin tribes manage their land and existence in a relatively self-controlled and independent way, holding on with tenacity to their ancient customs and colourful dress, the Galibia.

For countless years the Bedouin have been proud people with their own strict codes of conduct and hospitality. Whilst in Dahab, you should take part in a traditional dinner in the Sinai Mountains. A Bedouin meal under the stars, with music and song will help make an unforgettable trip.

Reef 2000´s main aim is to ensure you dive, eat and sleep well and enjoy a superb holiday, whilst experiencing real culture that only the Sinai can offer. Dahab offers the chance to relax and experience the unique tranquillity of the desert and the welcoming hospitality of the native Bedouin as well as the abundant and vibrant aquatic world of the Red Sea.

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